EC 2017 Workshop on Forecasting

June 27th, 2017
At the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, Cambridge MA.

Organizers: Rafael Frongillo, David Rothschild, Bo Waggoner.


Gathering, incentivizing, and aggregating information from the crowd, as well as tapping vast sources of other data, has become the cornerstone of modern forecasting techniques. This workshop aims to bring together theoreticians, empiricists, and practicioners to discuss the elicitation and aggregation of information for prediction making, which has been an emerging theme in the EC community over the last several years. To foster inclusion both across areas and to newcomers, the format mixes evenly between high-level, "overview" talks from invited speakers, and contributed talks on recent work.

More details (pdf).

Important Dates

Submission Instructions

We invite submissions on the following topics: forecasting, information elicitation, forecast aggregation, elicitation interfaces which encourage accuracy, mechanisms combining elicitation and aggregation, forecast evaluation, and related topics. We will favor submissions of broader potential interest to both theoretical and applied audiences and those likely to spark interesting discussions and future work.

Submission page:

Submissions consist of two components:

Submissions will be kept confidential. There will not be any published proceedings.

Upon acceptance, submissions will be invited as either poster or oral presentations.

Submission Deadline: 1 May 2017, 11:59:00 PM PDT


The workshop will be a full day on June 27 with breaks for coffee and lunch. Precise schedule coming soon.